mobileX for Executives, Managers, Government

mobileX is the world's first and best DRM having been built originally in 1995 and now at Release 5 is a very advanced application that adds great value to Outlook or IBM Notes calendars, for the busiest of executive offices.

So if you have a very busy schedule, have many staff supporting a key staff member (a VP, CEO or Holder of High Office [HOHO]), want to control correspondence associated with meetings/appointments, want reporting on how you have used your time and with whom, then you need more than a calendar, you need a Diary Resource Management system like mobileX.

You simply can’t support a top executive or government office without this sort of control and reporting. Works with Outlook, Internet Explorer, IBM Notes, Smartphones and scanning devices. Comes with City/Suburb, Electorate and MP data pre-loaded and Service Level Agreements.

ExecCorro for Government suite

An e-Government parliamentary Workflow Management helping Governments achieve their Open Government policies. Comes with multiple modules being Ministerial Correspondence (Ministerials, Submissions, Campaigns, Briefings) , Questions on Notice, Question Time Briefs, Secretary’s Correspondence, Cabinet Tracker,Senate Estimates and Support modules, Also has a Ministerial Office portal with Incoming Correspondence and internal MO Correspondence processing.

ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards 2010Australian Information Industry Association 2010Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for an Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Works with Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister