mobileX for Outlook

What is a DRM?

Do you know what a CRM system is? Customer Relationship Systems (CRMs) are used by companies as advanced software to front-end standard contact databases. Salespeople in particular rarely use only a list of Contacts to sell to, instead they use a CRM so they know every letter, e-mail, phone call etc that occurred and monitor the status of a contact or potential client from sale to support. A Diary Resource Management (DRM) system is very similar, only it workson enterprise calendars such as MS Outlook. A DRM records every activity about an appointment, all correspondence for a meeting/appointment, and logs all activity. A diary typically records more information than a simple calendar records everything about an appointment or a meeting and works seamlessly with MS Outlook if and when required.

Some appointments can be quick reminders, just like a calendar entry, but others can be large functions with hundreds of attendees, while others are important seminars or the like, where perhaps a keynote address/speech occurs. With the latter entries a lot of correspondence and planning is required. This is where a DRM is needed. If your executive is a keynote speaker, or super busy, or they have a support team, they most likely need a DRM.

mobileX for the SmartPhone - Multi-Calendar and Contacts

If you wish to access your colleagues' calendars on YOUR Smartphone (subject to security) and access corporate contacts or other shared contacts then this is the tool to use.

There are no limits on the number of calendar or contact databases/folders that you can access from your device. Requires no desktop install and works with MS Outlook.

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mobileX for Executives and Managers

mobileX for the desktop is a DRM that frees the modern executive from the office, allowing real time updates from devices, advanced workflow for appointments, alerts to EA/PAs, performance management statistics, contextual calendaring, major issues management and many other features. Extend your use of MS Outlook for the executive office.

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mobileX for Government

An enterprise DRM for Government Officials and their staff. Use mobileX for all inviation processing, advanced diary and correspondence managmentl. As used by hundreds of users across many Governments, in Australia and New Zealand, Federal and State. Special Government workflow processing. References from Governor-General; Premiers, Cabinet and other Ministers.

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ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards 2010Australian Information Industry Association 2010Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for an Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Works with Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister