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Advanced calendering and workflow linked to MS Office, alerts to EA/PAs, reporting, search tools, mapping, security, auditing and governance, when MS Outlook is not enough.

mobileX for Executives for CEO's and Managers with support staff. A desktop and mobile application which contains many features designed specifically to assist one or more staff members to plan, track and organise the executive's diary.

mobileX for Government is designed for use in Government Offices. It includes MP and electorate data, advice workflow for advisers, Request for Brief and speech workflows, and portfolio reporting.

An e-Government parliamentary Workflow Management helping Governments achieve their Open Government policies. Comes with multiple modules being Ministerial Correspondence (Ministerials, Submissions, Campaigns, Briefings) , Questions on Notice, Question Time Briefs, Secretary’s Correspondence, Cabinet Tracker,Senate Estimates and Support modules, Also has a Ministerial Office portal with Incoming Correspondence and internal MO Correspondence processing.

Secure voice and SMS communications.

Broadcast securely and easily to teams or entire organization with instant acknowledgements.
Be it OnTalk® SaaS, On-Premise Premium or On-Premise Appliance package, it allows your Enterprise to scale easily as your company grows and there will be a package that is suitable for your Enterprise budget.

How do I know this person? Who else knows this person?

TrustVault takes big data to perform analytics on the organization’s social network. The resulting analysis provides actionable insights, arming decision makers with situational awareness and the ability to act quickly.
Protecting individual privacy is at the heart of TrustVault’s design. TrustVault reads only metadata, it does not read or store communication content, so an organization’s and individual’s detailed communication privacy is maintained.
A wide array of business systems and applications can easily tap into TrustVault’s analytics through an open API.

Using many anti-malware engines, heuristics, data sanitization and customized security policies, Metadefender protects your organization from known and unknown threats.

Also includes advanced Data Sanitization module(CDR) for cleansing attachment data.

Go beyond artificial intelligence with Watson APIs and solutions, businesses are already achieving outcomes – from improving customer engagement, to scaling expertise, to driving innovation and growth.

Tap into the power of Watson through APIs that allow you to build cognition into your apps and products, whether it’s a web or native app, or even robotics. e.g. Used in the executive office to analyze letter and email styles (Tone Analyzer) and judge personality traits of people executives may meet (Personality Insights).
ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards 2010Australian Information Industry Association 2010Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for an Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Works with Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister