A premier e-Government solution helping Government to Public Correspondence become efficient, private and secure.

Written and maintained to a high standard under quality assurance standard ISO 9001-2008, ExecCorro conforms to Australian Records Management standard ISO 15489-2002 and assists Departments to meet Records Management guidelines under this standard.

ExecCorro is also VERS compliant to meet the standards of the Victorian Government.

ExecCorro assists by identifying bottlenecks and informing Ministers and Senior Department staff of Division and Branch workloads. It also enables Governments to cope with the growing burden of e-mail correspondence.

  • Flexible Workflow
  • Built-in features to handle Department restructures
  • Comprehensive Searching and Reporting
  • Integrated Scanning
  • Interfaces to EDMS (eg. TRIM)


The workflow of public and other government correspondence is very different to that dealt with by ordinary Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). ExecCorro supports many different workflow processes. It can be customised to suit any department's needs. ExecCorro can manage the lifecycle of multiple linked documents(e.g. department minutes linked to ministerials or briefings). It can also archive completed documents into to a corporate EDMS.


ExecCorro's design usually meets or exceeds the expectations of Departments EDRMS requirements in the areas of Record Registration, Classification (to various levels, including keywording using ANSIC Codes),Access, Tracking and Disposition as well as Monitoring and Auditing.


ExecCorro ensures that security, authenticity, integrity and reliability requirements of the Department can be met enabling Governments to meet its obligations under the EDRMS guidelines and Act of Parliament, such as the Archives Act of 1983. Security checks and auditing is of the highest level at all stages of the document's workflow.


The ExecCorro Suite has several modules with the main Ministerial Correspondence module (MC) processing Ministerials, Campaigns, submissions and Briefings. Other modules are Questions on Notice (QON), Question Time Briefs (QTB), Cabinet Tracker (CT), Secretary's Corro (SC), Senate Estimates (SE) and User Support (US). The system also has a Ministerial Portal for handling Ministerial Office Correspondence. User Support enables Ministerial Correspondence Units to run their own internal EC Help Desk.

Why ExecCorro?

Below are some of key reasons Departments implement ExecCorro for Government: -

Departments are demanding advanced systems that can do the job.Collaborative systems such as ExecCorro work best when the Department is mature enough to push for a system to work from the top down. Even Departments that have worked with in-house solutions are under pressure with current volumes. Most are ready to make big strides in how they process correspondence and have the right energy and knowledge in MPS sections to handle the upgrade project and devolution of the workflow across the Department.
CostExecCorro for Government suite is a complete solution that works out cheaper per user over the life cycle of the system. Taking a paper-based agency to EC can reduce parliamentary workflow from $60-300/document to $5-26/document (allowing for corro complexity). The cost of the main module (MC) with all services for a large Department works out at about $80/user/p.a. over a 5 year period. With ROI estimates in the order of $20-$80 savings per document, this is very attractively off-set as these ExecCorro costs work out at $4-$5/document based upon 20,000 document per annum. Smaller agencies buy ExecCorro Lite and retain the same ROI at much reduced costs. There are other modules that can expand the system use beyond the main Ministerial Correspondence module - such as Questions on Notice, Question Time Briefs; Secretary’s Correspondence, Cabinet Tracker , Senate Estimates, and Minister’s Office Corro.
Superior SupportRandom Computing offer Platinum support which is second to none. It is what Departments deserve and should expect. Immediate response, plus preventative maintenance. Many Government Departments are premier service providers and expect to provide premier services in the area of Parliamentary service and correspondence with its clients.
Integrates with mobileXExecCorro is the only system with integration to “mobileX”, used by the Minister’s Offices to make their office more efficient. Request for Briefings (RFBs’) are automated between the MO’s and the Department when both ExecCorro and mobileX are in use. The MO’s benefit as well as the Department.
Fits with Department’s existing IT and any planned environmentMany Departments already run the underlying systems that are required by ExecCorro. It also works with, but is independent of, email and Word program dependencies such that should the Department move off their current IT systems, for example, to an Open Source technology, this system would not need to be replaced. The same cannot be said for other systems.
Latest Web 2.0 and Social Software integrationYounger generations are using phone systems and other techniques to communicate and expect the same technologies at their workplace. The commercial sector and public sectors are affected equally by this modern phenomena. Therefore Departments need to keep abreast to avoid sensitive Min Corro information being shared on public networks. ExecCorro has these capabilities and the system uses the latest Web 2.0 and social software connection tools to avoid this situation - but also improving performance.
Mature features that handle Machinery of Government changesExecCorro comes with very advanced features that cope with Divisions/branches being merged or re-organized. Only a mature system like ExecCorro can model and perform these complex updates in real-time and handle the special security needs of people moving divisions while documents are active. These are exactly the superior controls required by Departments MPS areas. No other system comes close to ExecCorro in this regard.
A complete solution – beware the “free” offersExecCorro is bundled with appropriate formal training and support. Other systems are often code based only, provided as so-called “free” but have hidden costs for administration, development/maintenance and virtually no support.
Proven Australian systemProcurement of ExecCorro helps Australian business and employment to grow.
Support is localVery rapid response and proven record by a Canberra provider for providing Platinum services to its key customers. We are also conveniently located in the parliamentary triangle to provide more instant support if/when required to key Department users and Parliament House staff. Federal Departments and Ministerial Office staff can attest to this claim.
Runs on all modern enterprise hardware and networksOur customers use IBM's System X series hardware and other hardware vendor solutions and a range of networks to run the application fitting in with all their enterprise platforms and strategic plans.

Media Release: July 2010

Federal Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) adopts ExecCorro for its Parliamentary Workflow System.

The Federal Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) in July 2010 signed a $1.3M contract with Random Computing Services for the implementation of the vendor’s successful Parliamentary Workflow System, the ExecCorro for Government suite.

The Department, which runs Microsoft Exchange, already runs Random Computing’s advanced diary management system, mobileX for Government. ExecCorro for Government will complement and integrate with these systems as well as with the Department’s current EDRMS.

The Department has had correspondence management as a high agenda item over the last year or so and it’s a great move forward for AGD to adopt local ACT proven technology. The system will reduce the cost of processing Ministerial correspondence, while at the same time delivering new modules, such as Questions On Notice, Question Time Briefs, Secretary’s Corro and Cabinet Tracking.

Director of Random Computing, Jed Johnson said “We are very pleased to see ExecCorro adopted by the Attorney-General’s Department. This 3-year contract enables us to provide the high quality technical and software support that we are well-known for, whilst improving the client-side technology to maximise the workflow tool for the Department’s Exchange environment”. See media release below for more information.

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ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards 2010Australian Information Industry Association 2010Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for an Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Works with Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister